Brothers Abound

Oak Island is a relatively little known gem of mystery and intrigue in Canada.  Located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, it has been the center of a vast and expensive treasure hunt since 1795.  My brother Erebus and I have been enraptured by the stories, legends and myths that originate with this tiny, 140 acre Island on the Atlantic Coast.  It was there that Daniel McGinnis and company found a large depression in the earth and a block and tackle hanging from a tree above.  I can’t blame them for wanting to dig, I certainly would have.  What they thought was that they were bound to find treasure somewhere under this depression of ground.  What they didn’t know was that with one penetration of their shovel in the ground they were starting a 220 year excavation that will, no doubt, continue for many more years.



Brothers abound is right!!

What my brother didn’t mention was why this Isle of Oak is so important. You see, the Poor fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Knights Templar were the ones to bury part or all of their vast treasure there.  Found beneath the origin Temple of Solomon sometime after 1119, the Templar spent years protecting and hiding this treasure from the many who sought it.  Eventually they landed in the new world, in what would later become a well known pirate refuge and later named Oak Island.

Interesting right?  Well it gets better and Terror and I plan on analyzing all the details we can from what is known about this island and even connect these Knights of the Temple to their well known and somewhat infamous successors, the Freemasons, current guardians of the secret and protectors of the most sought after and historically rich treasure known to man!

Join us, wont’ you, on this grand expedition?


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