Freemasons and the Royal Arch Degree

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last post and Terror and I are anxious to delve into this matter.  We are of course taking a brief but grand tour of the history of Oak Island and connecting it to the freemasons.  Freemasons do not call their brotherhood a secret society but rather a society with secrets.  Oak Island is an Island with secrets and we believe that secret is none other than the legendary Templar Treasure.

We encourage you to do some other reading about the island if you are so intrigued.  The history of this place is so rich, it could be written about for years…and it has been!

Alas we need to present our points in but 5, short posts!  WIth that we present our evidence:

  1. The Masonic Allegory of the Secret Vault and the Royal Arch Degree

It is reported that strange markings were found on the trees surrounding the money pit.  Masonic symbols.  The Original trees are no longer there but what we are left with is the original story of Daniel McGinnis and two friends discovering the pit which bears much resemblance to Masonic Allegory.

In the Masonic ritual for the seventh degree ( The Royal Arch Degree) the participant partakes in the acting out of the story of the 3 worthy sojourners (Daniel and his two friends) and is lowered on a rope through a succession of trap doors.  This is interesting because as Daniel and his crew dug deeper into the money pit at Oak Island, at every ten feet they encountered oak logs laid out as if a floor, or perhaps even, a trap door?

The tools that represent the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry also have ties to Oak Island and Treasure Hunting in general.  Those tools are the spade, the pickaxe and the crowbar.  Tools that have been used and abused countless times on Oak Island.  Are the Freemasons, once again sending us a message?

  1. The triangle, the heart and the cross

Reports have told about an equilateral triangle made of rocks on the south side of the island.  Beneath the triangle was a semi-circle giving the placement the look of a sailing ship. Hmm.  Inside the triangle was a line pointing due north where the actual point of the triangle points directly to the money pit.  Masons derive their symbology from the stone masons and builders of old.  The square and compass, the most widely known of their symbology, both being triangular in nature.  And a reference to a sailing ship may seem a little obvious but the freemasons always like to keep us guessing!

The cross was not discovered until sometime in the 1980s.  Large boulders form a near perfect Christian cross.  The templars molded themselves in the vision of Christianity and a large portion of Masons identify with the symbol.  Another coincidence? I think not!

The heart shaped stone

This stone is hand worked to resemble a human heart.  Many believe it is yet another reference to the allegories of the Masons.  This one in particular being the ritual for the Entered Apprentice Degree, a sword pointing toward a naked heart.


  1.  The letter G

This may be the most “in-your-face” of all the evidence we have presented here today.  In 1967 workers excavated a large granite boulder with the letter G carved boldly into it.  This simple letter is widely to known to have much significance to the freemasons.  It can be found on their main symbol inside of the compass and square and represents the great geometry that our world and universe uses to operate.

  1. John Wayne and Franklin D Roosevelt

Need we say anymore?  These iconic figures of the 20th Century were both well known freemasons and active treasure hunters on Oak Island.


Triangles? Secret Vaults? All of this tantalizing allegory of the freemasons?  It’s incredible that such a small island can tell such deep and mystery woven tale!  Here is what we have deduced from this evidence.

Sometime after the 14th Century the Templars moved their treasure from its hiding spot, likely Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland to Oak Island Nova Scotia.  The literal translation of Nova Scotia is actually New Scotland, so we find a connection here as well.  They made the trip across the Atlantic in sailing ships, represented by the triangle of stone on the Island.  The Templars had vast amounts of resources and wealth and also intelligence.  With these resources they mined a booby trapped shaft at the bottom of which they placed a vault containing their prized treasure.  The booby trap was so ingenious that even today treasure hunters and engineers cannot get close to the vault at the bottom of the money pit.

The Templars then placed oak logs at every 10 feet while filling in the hole. This would prevent collapse and later the freemasons would adapt the trapdoors descending toward the vault into the allegory of the Royal Arch Degree oe Seventh Degree.  Freemasons come by their love of symbology honestly since the Templars too left symbols in all of their work.  The Cross, the heart and the letter G would all be left for their brethren to know that this was the location of the greatest treasure known to man and the source of all the rich history between Templars and The brotherhood of the masons.


Terror and Erebus


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