Tell it to the Marines

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury;

It’s been a long and trying voyage these past few weeks.  Your noble captains are ready to disembark the ship but not before declaring our position thoroughly.

We’ve looked at many an aspect of the Oak Island mystery and although our search hasn’t yielded firm proof of our Masonic theory, we feel confident to say that our position has not changed.

The Masons and their age old brethren, the Knights Templar are most definitely responsible for the intrigue that still surrounds the island.  There is no doubt in our minds that they are the only people resourceful enough to have accomplished such a magnificent feat.  Not only did they have the resources but they also had the motivation, to hide their sacred and powerful treasure.  And to this day, with the Freemasons protecting that treasure, we have no doubt that their power is prevalent in maintaining regulations and policies that stop the current treasure hunters from revealing too much.

We still hold much hope that one day they will consider the world ready for the treasure to be revealed but for now, the intrigue and mystery is enough to keep onlookers on the edge of seats all over the world.

Throughout our voyage of discovery we looked at the possible connections to the Freemasons and the evidence of their involvement on the Island.  From the allegory of the secret vault to the connections of Masons such as Roosevelt and John Wayne to the recognizable and almost palpable letter G found on the island.  There is no doubt in the minds of Terror and Erebus that the Masons have a long and deep connection to the Isle of Oak.

We examined the alternative evidence, we discussed opposing and collaborating evidence.  Immediately, there is no possibility that Captain Kidd had the means to pull off such an incredible ruse.  We can however, understand the romanticism of a legendary and infamous pirate having buried his treasure on an island in the maritime province of Nova Scotia.  Sir Francis Bacon on the other hand did have the means, the connections and the brotherhood of the Temple behind him.  But was it possible for him to uncover the treasure to simply add to the hoard of booty below?  This does not seem likely.  For 220 years no person has come close to uncovering the treasure buried in this booby trapped pit of mystery.  How then could Bacon pull it off?

The real kicker in this mess is that the location of the Templar treasure is known.  It is buried on an island here in Canada and yet two centuries of treasure hunters have been unable to even come close to it’s recovery.  We will all watch, with bated breath in the coming years to see what happens there.  In the mean time it’s up to you to decide what you believe.

We can only give you the facts as we see them, the theory as we believe.  Will you, fellow shipmate, board your own vessel and embark on a journey through Oak Island?  Or disembark with us, your noble and studious captains and await the final reveal of the Templar Treasure?!?

To the bitter end,

Terror and Erebus


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